Things you won’t need for a newborn baby

I still remember the preparations before our baby was born. Me and my partner didn’t have a much clue what items we’ll truly need and despite the fact we tried operating low budget and focus on the mandatory things only, we ended up to buy some stuff that we never used.

When you don’t have the experience it’s so easy to become a victim of commercial bullshit. Baby business is a profitable business and especially the first time parents are such an easy target to sell everything between heaven and earth.

So here couple of things you won’t need for a newborn baby:

1. Talcum Powder – This old fashioned item from the time of our grandmothers and mothers is not needed. I bought a bottle of it – not quite sure why! I think I had a memory in my mind it’s crucial for baby’s skin between nappy changes. Haven’t used it once.

2. Bath Soap – There is a lot of baby bath soaps around. Perhaps some bubbles are fun for an older baby or toddler for play. However, for a newborn water without any added chemicals is the best.

3. Baby Oil – You won’t need it for your newborn baby. However, it can come handy if Dad wants to give Mum a massage. For a baby the best thing would be to use something, which is as natural as possible. Olive oil is a good option to use after bath to moisturise little one’s skin.

4. Too many clothes – I was panicking we don’t have enough clothes. Especially in Australia where the temperature is mild through the year, you really don’t need too much clothes for your baby. Babies grows so quickly out of their 0-3 months size, so rather focus on buying more 6-12 months sizes. I was worrying for nothing, as so many of those cute little pieces we didn’t even have time to wear.

5. Nappy Bin – You definetely won’t need it. Whatever bin will work. The amount of nappies babies make per day is huge (it’s really sad for the environement), but what comes to nappy bin you will empty the bin several times or at least once a day, so hygienic point of view there really is no need for a huge or super secure nappy bin.

6. Expensive Nappy Bag – There is so many nice bags you can get much cheaper than an actual nappy bag. It’s nice to have a new, good size bag with lots of pockets for baby stuff you will drag around the shopping centre and parks, however if you would like to save money there is no need to invest to an expensive brand nappy bag. At the end of the day they all are just bags.

7. Nursing table – It does come handy, if you have a space and money for it. However, you don’t actually need it. What you do need is a waterproof (or easy to clean) change mat, and whatever surface that works. Bear in mind though the bed is not necessarily the most ideal place to change a baby, our son had a habit of weeing always when I changed him and it did go everywhere.

I would be keen to expand the list, so if you have experience of the baby stuff you didn’t need, let me know. Often our common sense will tell us what is truly useful, sometimes we just ignore the words of wisdom and take the commercial messages in without questioning them. There is also so many useful things for babies that make a parent’s life easier, so it’s better to save as much money as possible and then spend it to the stuff you really need.


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